Welcome to Ace Singapore Home Tuition

At Ace Singapore Home Tuition, we provide qualified tutors at reasonable rates, offering to all, a 1-to-1 home tuition for all levels in all districts and areas in Singapore.

Our friendly tuition consultants at Ace Singapore Home Tuition will take a step by step approach to assist you in developing a special home tuition program, tailored to meet the specific needs of students. We understand that not all child are equal, hence it is important for us to adjust and adapt to each child differently. Our home tuition program is not only about teaching but is also about learning and understanding the needs of each child as everyone is unique and special in their own ways.

1 to 1 private home tuition has become a great tool of significance for many parents and students in Singapore today, to help cope with the academic struggles and challenges faced by many students all over the world.

Is your child currently struggling in school and not making any progress at all?

When your child struggles in school, it's hard to shake the immediate feelings of disappointment, frustration and even defensiveness toward the teacher who identified the problems. Brush away these unhelpful responses and go into action mode right away. You have the power to help your child succeed!

Every child, when given the chance and opportunity with the proper advice and right tools of aid, would be able to excel; to be the best they can be with their personal gifts and talents to help them overcome obstacles.

Ace Singapore Home Tuition understands and focuses on private tuition in Singapore and our dedicated consultants are committed to find the right tutor to match your child’s tutorial requirements and to help you lead your child to achieve better results academically for the best of your child’s future.

How the process goes

After receiving request from clients, our coordinators will either call or SMS them for further information and confirmation.

Within 48 hours, our tuition coordinators will search for a suitable tutor.

An interview will be conducted with the tutor who suits the criteria.

We will validate the tutor's certification, sign a tuition agreement and brief the do's and don'ts to the tutor.

Parents will be informed by our coordinator regarding the tutors' confirmation schedules.

We will collect our 50% commission on the 2nd or the 4th week of the tuition lessons.

Once the tuition commission payment is received, an invoice will be issued to the client.